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    'The Inscending Spiral' opening night photos.




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    JUL 12TH 2014 TO AUG 9TH 2014


    Having previously pursued filmmaking as a side project, through script writing and the making of short films - including the Vimeo Awards 2010 shortlisted film ‘Outside’ – Roper has now chosen to integrate those ideas into his main body of work.

    At first glance, Ropers drawings tantalize viewers with overlaid, seemingly transparent intricacies. Once the viewer is absorbed in his markings, a closer inspection yields the underlying scaffolding of perfect geometric ratios utilized in Ropers proportions and compositions.

    James Ropers paintings demand to be visually dissected, but once the beauty of his work has been absorbed, they are left with an entire world that Roper has spent years cultivating from his avid interest in storytelling. The work provides insight to a vast narrative and array of characters ranging from an MMA fighter to homeless woman.

    In The Inscending Spiral Roper will be using multiple mediums to depict various elements of this expansive narrative, including drawing, writing, painting, installation, graffiti and video, allowing the viewer to simultaneously delve into the story whilst attempting to piece it together.

    Roper Himself Explains: “In 2005 I wrote a screenplay called ‘Nirodha Point’, a self-reflexive look at Hollywood, fame and material excess. With the intention of expanding the world created within ‘Nirodha Point’ I immediately started writing a prequel, but it’s sprawling narrative failed to fully coalesce. As a result I have chosen to produce a series of drawings that will explore those ideas in their current nebulous state entitled ‘The Inscending Spiral’.

    Mirus Gallery



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    4 Colours down and the print looks beautiful!

    Many thanks go to Andrew Magee for hand pulling all the Vessel prints for us, great job.

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  4. To help fund our new film project we are releasing this limited edition
    screen print designed by Mononym co-founder James Roper.

    All proceeds from the print and other items now available from Mononym’s
    online shop (see below) will go towards funding the short film Vessel.

    All items purchased also include a free film and soundtrack download on
    completion, a personal thank you note and your name on the contributors page.

    For more details go to: mononym.co.uk/vessel

    Our shop: mononym.bigcartel.com


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    Working on an edition for James Roper. A 4 colour hand pulled poster for a movie called ‘Vessel’ really great design.

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  6. The first screen print designed by James Roper for MONONYM coming soon.


  7. In 2005 I started writing a screenplay called ‘Past Nirodha’. To this day the ideas within it have never fully coalesced. As a result I have decided to produce a series of drawings that will explore the narrative in it’s current nebulous state entitled: The Inscending Spiral.

    Follow or subscribe to my new blog to see the series unfold: inscend.tumblr.com

    - James R


  8. - - - Click here to view the original script for ‘Outside’ - - -

    Due to budget and time constraints we weren’t able to achieve certain elements within this early version of the script, reading it should give you a more rounded view of what we were trying to achieve.


  9. The Patchwork prop made for ‘Outside’ by James Roper


  10. 'Outside' poster design by Rob Bailey